Perm National Research Polytechnic University

In accordance with the program of the development of the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education in 2009 – 2018 «Perm State Technical University» belongs to the category of the «National Research University»

Within this program such activity as «University infrastructure development and the creation of an effective management system» is realized. It requires the state funded educational institution to be turned into autonomous. The system of strategic planning on the database of scientific, technological and socio-economic monitoring will be created. The government and self-management of the university will be optimized, internal regulations will be developed, the system of rating the effectiveness of major educational and research units and structures of the University will be created. There will be implemented information systems for monitoring the development of the university, taking and controlling the implementation of the management solutions, management of the quality level of education and research activities and an electronic document workflow.

The aim

In order to create a modern university the concept of the integrated automated information system (IAIS), which automates the entire range of processes and activities of the university and determines its ability to access, storage and high quality of information processing, was developed.

To start working in this direction Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU) used the complex of disparate programs, which supported the database on the movement of workers etc. Finishing the legacy code is impractical and will require substantial funding; moreover it will be necessary to provide a non-stop process, which already operates.


To provide new capabilities without some principal improvements, it was decided to make a transition to a new, modern system, which meets all the requirements in two stages.

Stage 1 - Integration of EDMS with the existing AIDS at the level of data exchange about the orders. At this stage business processes experience changes, eliminating the need to print and agree on paper. AIDS unloads the working versions of orders in EDMS and there is electronic negotiation. In case of necessity some changes in AIDS can be made and the process is repeated.

Stage 2 - Replacement of an existing AIDS by a modern one with deep integration at the level of back loading of the changes from EDMS after negotiation.


It automates the electronic document workflow and provides the following functionality:

  • a single document repository with distributed access rights (there is no need to replicate the approved orders in units),
  • changes in the order draft are made in a single place (there is no data mismatch in the database and on paper),
  • monitoring of movement of the project document while negotiation and validation (executors have an access to the latest information about the state of the order draft),
  • getting a hard copy of the document after the approval (paper save),
  • formation of print-ready extracts from the approved order (reducing the processing time of the order),
  • monitoring of changes in the order draft,
  • maintaining the history of comments on the data of a student,
  • monitoring of execution (statistical reports on the tasks execution by EDMS users),
  • preparation of reports to compare the required data in coordination with the accounting stuff,
  • integration of EDMS with the existing AIDS.