Opportunities for partners

You will be able to work with the most modern systems of workflow and business processes. Having become our client you will join the community of experts in the field of automation of documentation support, management and business processes automation based on MS SharePoint platform and a unique technology FlowPoint.

Our affiliate program offers:

  • partner discounts on software products;
  • marketing and sales services. Assistance in working with clients. Providing a variety of marketing materials and assistance in the preparation of commercial offers and tender responses. Collaborative work with potential clients;
  • assistance to partners in regional marketing activities, as well as giving them the right to participate in exhibitions, seminars and conferences, which they can organize or sponsor;
  • publishing the information about the partner to the Web sites and in the media;
  • publishing the documentation of products and solutions (in paper and electronic forms);
  • the services of technical support and expert advice of our specialists using our site, e-mail and telephone;
  • carrying out training of managers and technical specialists for maintenance and technical support of clients;
  • joint participation in complex projects. Engaging partners in the management of large-scale and long-term projects as subcontractors.