A set of business activities

FlowPoint contains a set of activities, which allow addressing a wide range of tasks. Each activity is fully integrated with FlowPoint services.

Configuring parameters for each activity is set through the process designer

The list of the main activities:

Creating a task is the main method of interaction with the user within the process. The task contains a complete set of custom attributes, allowing great flexibility to configure it and requirements to the result of its execution. The "task" activity task includes functions for the automatic generation of documents and forms due to a pattern, delegating functions, access control.

The task can also be given to an external user and completed by email.

Concurrency allows division of the implementation process into parallel independent branches.

Condition allows branching process, depending on various factors.

Cycle and cycle through the list of users allow a variety of cyclic actions.

Waiting for a period of time gives an ability to suspend the execution of the process until a timeout.

Starting a sub-process and starting sub-processes through the list of sub-users allow running an associated business process either synchronously or asynchronously.

Waiting for the completion of sub-processes allows synchronizing the execution of processes.

Scanning a document contains functions for single and stream scanning of documents.

Document matching enables a user to initiate a parallel or sequential negotiation of a document with processing of observations and forming a sheet of approvals.

Postponement of the date of execution allows to control the process of changing of terms.

Query for user’s properties and user’s search for the property and checking the subordination allow operating a variety of employees’ data.