The Description of FlowPoint System

FlowPoint for SharePoint is a platform for rapid automation of business processes. FlowPoint enables organizations to model  complex business processes on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/2013 without any programming!

Both, systems integrators and companies, organizing automation of the processes themselves may use Flowpoint for their needs.

FlowPoint for SharePoint allows to automate the business process life cycle with ease:

Business Process Modeling
The graphical editor FlowPoint for SharePoint is used to configure the business processes. Its distinctive feature - the ease and convenience of modeling complex business processes without programming on the basis of MS SharePoint. Even an average user is capable to describe complex processes using the graphical process designer.

Business Process Execution
SharePoint is used as a platform to execute the descriptions of business processes, designed in the Graphical Designer FlowPoint.

Business Process Monitoring
A strong operating mechanism, allowing to unite all the information on the implementation of the business process on a single page - stages, tasks, executors, delay, results, related processes.

Основными компонентами FlowPoint являются:

Starting cycle of a new process consists of three steps:

  • Development of forms
  • Process Design
  • Launching

At the first stage "Development of forms", in case of necessity, userforms are designed in the visual editor Microsoft InfoPath. There is a set of services, which eliminates the need for programming.

The stage of "Process Design" is also simple, as it operates in a specialized editor in the form of block schemes.

The stage "Launching" is minimized to pressing a button and the process becomes available to other users.

The overall time of the process start-up using FlowPoint for SharePoint is only one day and does not require any programming.


FlowPoint is the integrand solution for Microsoft SharePoint Server. SharePoint provides the storage of documents and forms, as well as the execution of processes in Windows Workflow Foundation. Microsoft InfoPath - a product that provides the maximal flexibility of the User Interface.

FlowPoint consists of several modules and services: